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Plumbing: 6 Common Mistakes in Installing the Water Heater

Here are 6 mistakes that can occur and should be avoided when installing a water heater, including:


To connect between a new water heater with a water pipe at home, we usually connect it using a solder. Mistakes can happen in this process; such as do it too close to the water heater tank.

Because the heat from the solder could also melt the plastic layer inside the tank. A safe way to make this connection is to remove the pipe and solder it away from the tank.

Plumbing: 6 Common Mistakes in Installing the Water Heater

Dielectric connection

Check out the connector material of your water heater, whether it made of brass or copper. Then check the pipe in your house whether it made of copper material. If one of them is made of copper, then we must connect them using a dielectric connection.

This connection is used so that the pipe is not in direct contact with the copper which can cause electrical corrosion. This corrosion can lead to rusty and leaking pipes.

The strength of the pride

If your house is located in an area prone to earthquake, so make sure the installation of the tank water heater is strong, so it can survive when an earthquake occurs.

First use

Many people immediately turn on the water heater during their first use but do not fill the water tank first. This looks trivial, but it is actually very important, especially when the water heater used is an electric water heater or gas.

Turning on a water heater with an empty tank can cause damage to the burning of the tank warmer elements. Therefore, remember to always fill the tank water before turning on the water heater.

Incorrectly mounted

In solar water heating energy, errors that often occur when installation is misdirected. Yes, sunlight it is very important to ensure that solar panels get enough sunlight when you are using energy from the sun.

The best direction is north because the constant sunshine is in the north. The eastern direction is not recommended because it is only hot in the morning only.

Leakage temperature and pressure relief valve

Temperature and pressure relief valve is a tool used to keep the water temperature so as not to overdo it. This valve can open when the pressure inside the tube exceeds its maximum limit. Therefore, this valve may open suddenly and exude hot water.

Therefore, this valve must be connected to a waterproof pipe that is connected to a depth of 15 cms underground. A common mistake is that most people do not install these pipes or install them incorrectly, which could endanger people in the event of a leak.

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